At school, there can be a lot of homework. But honestly, it really depends on what grade you’re in. Generally, if you are in a higher grade, you would probably have more homework, while if you are in a lower grade, you would probably have less. It’s good to use your time wisely and make sure you complete your homework since it can affect your grades.


There are also tests or assessments at school. This is to measure your academic growth. The tests are always about something you have learned during class since it would be unfair to the students if the teachers put information that the students never learned before on the test. Tests are also a large portion of your grade.


The purpose of grading is to describe how well the students are learning in class. The grades can be shown in numbers, percents, or letters. The grades reflect your learning, and when you apply for highschools/collages, they would look at your grades from previous years to determine whether or not they should accept your application.


School isn’t just about learning academic things, it is also about learning social skills. In school, you can make a lot of friends. These friends can just last for a year, but they can also last for a lifetime. You can also get really close to someone in just a couple of months. For example, some of my friends I’ve only met a few months ago, but I am really close with them. School helps you connect with other people, and it can also help you build relationships with others.


In school, you would have teachers who would teach different topics/subjects. For example, at our school, we have a different teacher for social studies, science, language arts, math, etc. Teachers get to make the tests, and it is their responsibility to teach you the topic so that you fully understand. However, it is also your responsibility to make an effort to learn the topic they are teaching.


You can also do extracurricular activities in schools, such as sports, or any after school clubs. Extracurriculars would most likely be after school. Extracurriculars can consist of sports such as basketball, swimming, track and field, cross country, and soccer, and other clubs, such as chess club, and debate club.